Notes on being present

  • Stress is needlessly worrying about the future. Regret is needlessly thinking about the past. Happiness is being able to enjoy the moment…hard to be happy when you are full of regret and stressed out.
  • Life is a whole bunch of time spent in the now…one after the other.
  • Preparing (and the process of preparation) for future events is a good thing, but don’t obsess.
  • There is no value in logging my weight in order to look back at where I’ve been. All that matters is what I weigh today. Is it where I want it? If so, good. If not, I’ve got work to do today to go where I want to go.
  • I either exercised today, or I didn’t. I don’t need to waste time logging the details of my exercise in a journal with which to look back upon. All that matters is that I got off my ass TODAY and did my work. Looking back, who gives a damn if I worked out on April 23rd…
  • The best thing about being off social media is that I can actually look at my surroundings and eat my food without worrying about capturing the best photograph to post to Instagram. I can actually revel in looking at things with my own eyes, and NOT through a lense.
  • The goal is to be good today. To be good in the present. To be good in the now. Because obviously, if you string along a lot of good days, that will add up to a good, satisfied life…

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