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Embrace change

The following chapter is an excerpt from an upcoming book, 28 Strategies to be happy, which you can find here. Enjoy.


To be happy in life, you will have to embrace change. Frequently. And you have to accept this fact. For if you don’t, you will be miserable. And stuck.

If you think you can sneak through life without ever changing, you are in for a most unhappy, and frankly, boring life.

You’ll be treading water.

The world is changing. Constantly. It’s changed since you started reading this manifesto. You have to embrace this fact. In fact, to be happy and successful, you have to learn how to TREASURE this fact.

Change is the new normal. The only constant is constant change. This is a good thing. And when you learn to celebrate this, that’s when things become interesting. And exciting.

Yes, it’s the classic case of how something new is at first frightening and different, and then once you do it a few times, it becomes normal and easy. When the something new becomes easy and routine, this realization both exciting, comforting, and rewarding.

But then down the road, it all becomes routine. And then the cycle must begin again.

Think about the first day of school, or the first day of a new job. They are scary and different at first. But before long, they become routine. And then you get comfortable.

This is all good. But life is too short for routine. When you are feeling that way, it’s time to change…

KEY ACTION: Change something. Right now. Even if it how your office furniture is arranged. Trust me, even this simple small change will be invigorating!


You will ultimately find the complete book here!

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