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How To Get Through Life In One Peace (new ebook in progress)

I am drafting my new ebook LIVE, in front of the world…as RAW as can be. Check back to see progress.

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I think we want just a few things: We want peace in our lives, a quiet and dignified success, and a simple easing through what is a complicated world.

But the big question is thus: How in the Holy Hell do we get through life in this crazy modern world?

What follows is an ever-evolving collection of lessons, rules, guidelines, gospels, hacks, mindsets…all designed to teach you how to get through this crazy life in one piece, and, in peace. Let’s begin:

  1. LEAVE A SMALL FOOTPRINT. Some people cannot help it…they simply want to be seen and heard. Everywhere. But for most of us, this is distracting, and take us off the necessary focus to do our important work. You only need what you truly need. Lots of bells and whistles most likely aren’t the tipping point between satisfactory and amazing work. Simplicity and focus are what you truly need.
  2. TREAD SILENTLY AND LIGHTLY. Sometimes you can hear a person walking loudly on the floor above you. I don’t know what they are doing, but man of man, they are loud. It’s almost as if they are purposely gnawing the heel of their foot on to the floor as they walk across it. Now, some people cannot help this, but let this idea of loudly stomping on the floor be a metaphor that you can consciously tread lightly as you move. It’s possible to move quietly and with ease through the world. Be conscious of it.
  3. BE AWARE OF THE SPACE AROUND YOU. I am talking about the people who suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk, unaware of the people walking behind them. I am talking about the people who stop in the middle of the store aisle to look at their phone. I am talking about the people who blast through a doorway, seemingly oblivious to the possibility that someone might be on the other side. And I am talking about the people who walk side-by-side-by-side, and block an entire sidewalk. Don’t be these people. Be aware of the space around you.
  4. But also when thinking about the space around you, anticipate that people might do these silly things, and make additional space to accommodate. You might be walking next to a person, so you should anticipate that they just might jut out their arm to point at something. Assume they might do something stupid such as this (be unaware of those around them), and make space.
  5. YOUR ACTIONS WILL AFFECT OTHERS. You may think you are only acting on your own, for your own benefit, and harming no one else. But you would be wrong. EVERY thing you do affects others. Some direct, some not direct. Be aware of this.
  6. ALWAYS BE SIMPLIFYING. Never let an opportunity pass to remove something from your life, whether it be physical, mental, or digital clutter.
  7. SEEK OCCASIONAL SILENCE AND QUIET. The best advice I can give you is to seek out silence and quiet. Your soul needs this. The quiet enables you to recharge, it allows your brain to reset, and it allows other thoughts and ideas to perk up. Even extroverts need this quiet time.
  8. TAKE NOTES TO REMEMBER. Don’t trust your memory. You will suddenly get an interesting idea in your head at some point during the day. Make a note of it! I’d prefer that you write it in your favorite notebook, but even if you jot it down on your phone, capture it. Because trust me, if you are hoping you will remember it later, you won’t. Get it down.
  9. On the subject of notes, be sure you use the best, possible notebooks. Jotting these sorts of notes down deserves a good quality notebook. Do not be cheap here. Get good people, use good pens. Doing so make this process more rewarding, and one that will inspire you to take more notes.
  10. Anticipate human action. You are human. You know how humans operate. So, why are you surprised at the thinks humans do? Give yourself more credit, but you have an incredible instinct to anticipate the moves most people will make. This gives you an edge…take advantage of it.
  11. Remove clutter. Don’t leave a mark.
  12. Don’t keep anything you don’t need. If you don’t need it, why in hell do you still have it? Get rid of it, now.
  13. Be well read. If you aren’t taking advantage of the knowledge available via books, you are simply missing out on significant opportunity. Shame on you.
  14. BE VERSES IN CURRENT EVENTS AND TRENDS. I hate people who are unaware of current events. You are both more interesting when you are aware of what’s happening around the world, and frankly, better at business when you know the trends impacting the marketplace.
  15. But don’t become prisoner to current events and trends. Do your thing anyways, don’t just blindly follow these trends.
  16. One last comment on current events and trends: You don’t have to offer an opinion ON EVERYTHING.
  17. CASH FLOW IS KING. To operate, you have to have cash. You need cash to make things happen. You don’t need to be a unicorn, but you need cash. If you have just a bit of cash, you need to live within your means. But you can do it.
  18. Get rid of one thing per day. Each day, get rid of one thing. I don’t care what it is. It can be a pair of socks, an old t-shirt, a receipt, a book you’ll never read, an appointment you don’t want to go to, whatever. If you aren’t careful, your life will get complex and you’ll have too much. You need a daily discipline to get rid of something each day.