The Nighthawks Syndicate (Summer 2022): The next book!

Chicago is deep in the throes of the pandemic, and bloodthirsty gangs are terrorizing the streets with their lust for violence, wanton destruction, and the thrill of the resulting mayhem of “burning it all down.”

From the devastation and hopelessness, a secret army rises to fight back: mentored, trained, and bankrolled from a secret society of longtime Chicago elders, rallying to the clarion call to save their beloved city.

Street war ensues, and the battle to save Chicago rages from underground, abandoned train tunnels, to the belfries of Chicago’s most iconic towers, to secret chambers buried deep within the city’s most famous structures.

Hidden in broad daylight, Chicago’s deepest, darkest secrets will become the very thing that potentially saves the city. And perhaps the future of mankind.

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