Notes on politics

  • The leak of personal tax records by partisan bureaucrats from within the Internal Revenue Service is downright frightening, and should make people shudder with fear. What have we become?
  • Trust me, I get how politics works. I did it for years. But the fact that a politician has to be handled and prepped for public interaction says an awful lot about our state of affairs…
  • Oh, to serve the people and those in need rather than the donor base…
  • Don’t like Nike’s politics? Don’t buy their product. Don’t like Apple’s app store policies and protocols? Build your own online app store that reaches hundreds of millions and do it your way. Don’t like how the press pushes slanted opinion rather than pushing straight reporting? Don’t consume it. This is actually very simple…
  • Don’t attempt culturally compliant humor…you can’t be woke and funny. (h/t Gerard Baker, WSJ)
  • Best to pass infrastructure bills that actually fund….infrastructure. Definition below:
  • in·fra·struc·ture/ˈinfrəˌstrək(t)SHər/ noun / the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise. (Oxford)
  • People may not like most politicians, but they understand them. But what they truly hate, more than anything, are hypocrites…
  • I just saw a report in the WSJ that the teaching of mathematics, in California, is racist, and that there is too much objectivity in math. How is subjectivity possible in math? I just don’t understand how we can turn something such as maths studies, and make it racist. When will the madness end?
  • “People who believe in absurdities will eventually commit atrocities.” Voltaire
  • In politics, the focus seems to be on politics, not problem solving.
  • If you think politics is brutal bloodsport today, you have never read a history book.
  • Our politics turned even more sour with the birth of the 24-hour cable news problems. And Twitter.
  • Evident from my observation of our political leaders that most of them have never read, let alone understood, a basic economics text. Thus, please read the following: Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell

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