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Random notes on (and my rules for) social media

  • DISCLAIMER: These are MY thoughts and MY rules for social media. These rules and guidelines work for ME, and perhaps not YOU. Use these tools as you see fit. But now you understand how I use these various platforms.
  • If you post the same thing on both Facebook and Instagram, I will unfollow you on Facebook, and only view your content on Instagram, my preferred platform.
  • If you post anything political on Facebook, you’ll be snoozed for 30 days.
  • If you post anything political on Instagram or LinkedIn, I’ll unfollow you permanently.
  • And if I am being honest, if you post to my Facebook feed something from FB Marketplace, I will also put you in the penalty box. I don’t go to FB to get sold products that are largely irrelevant to me.
  • Yeah, Twitter was/is a cesspool, and I completely deleted my account. And I was there for OVER ten years.
  • On Instagram Stories, if you post 50 short videos, I won’t watch ANY of them. Don’t have the time.
  • If you post a photograph to either Instagram or Facebook, don’t also post it to Stories. I don’t need to see it twice. On the SAME platform.
  • If you have a nice dinner with friends and family, I don’t need to see 37 shots of roughly the same event.
  • If these platforms are going to remove the “Like” counts because of people’s hurt feelings and affecting their self-worth, we’ve got bigger problems to think about.
  • Personally, I like the ‘You’re All Caught Up” feature on Instagram.
  • It really frustrates me when you engage with someone’s post, but they are so busy carpet-bombing content, they never see it and never respond. This happens most frequently to me on LinkedIn. It’s the main reason I’ve had a love/hate relationship with LinkedIn over the years.

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