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Your problems aren’t unique

The following chapter is an excerpt from an upcoming book, 28 Strategies to be happy, which you can find here. Enjoy.


Look, your problems aren’t unique. If you think you are the only one dealing with crazy problems, get over it.

Mankind has dealt with the same problems you are currently having for a long, long time. So, get over yourself, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and figure out what to do.

If mankind has survived all these eons with issues far more significant than yours, you can figure stuff out, and move on to doing your important work, and moving on with being happy.

What is it with us these days? We get so ate up with our importance and how “hard” things are for us. Good Lord, the stuff you are stressed about, complaining about, and paralyzed with fear about, ain’t nothing compared to what mankind has been facing most of our existence.

Heck, at this very moment, there are billions of people that would do ANYTHING to be in your shoes at this very moment.

So, pause for a moment, take a breath, and get over yourself. It’s time to make a simple plan, and get to work.

Yeah, I guess what I am saying is this: Your problems aren’t unique, and you can NO LONGER use them as excuses for NOT making the important choices you need to make.


You will ultimately find the complete book here!

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