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Take care of yourself first

The following chapter is an excerpt from an upcoming book, 28 Strategies to be happy, which you can find here. Enjoy.


You’ve no doubt heard this plea: When on a plane and in case of emergency, put YOUR own oxygen mask on first, before helping others.

Most initially react intensely that they would certainly take care of their child first, before they tended to their own mask.

But that’s pretty hard to do if you’ve already passed out.

No, helping others is important in life, of this there is no doubt. But you can’t do that if you are personally NOT in good shape.

I am kicking off this manifesto with this simple request: Please focus on YOU. Because no one else will.

Most of the lessons that follow in this book are appeals that ONLY YOU can do.

Most people in your life are burdened with their own demons, and they are certainly not lying awake at night thinking about how to help you solve YOUR problems.

You have to take charge of your own success and happiness. If you wait for others to step in to give you purpose, direction, instructions, and all the answers, you will suddenly be 70 years old and wondering where the hell your life went, full of regrets.

You have the power to determine your own success and happiness. IT IS NO ONE ELSE’S RESPONSIBILITY. It is entirely up to you.

This realization shouldn’t be frightening.

Rather, realizing that you alone have this power should be very, very exciting! And you can do something about it, right now. So…

KEY ACTION: Do something for you right now. Something ONLY for you.


You will ultimately find the complete book here!

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