Events just got easier, an interview with Alex Lassiter of Gather

Joined on the show today by Alex Lassiter, Co-founder and VP of customer experience for Gather. Learn more here!

What is Gather? Gather is streamlining the way private events are planned, empowering thousands of restaurants and venues with innovative software to grow their event business.

Today’s discussion guide:

What is the Gather platform, the technology behind it, and why you and your co-founders felt there was a need for it in the restaurant and hospitality space?

What sets Gather apart from other event management platforms?

What trends are you seeing in the marketplace and how are you taking advantage of them?

What was behind the decision to call Atlanta Gather’s home, and what’s appealing about the Atlanta tech scene?

How do you build a culture of customer service and innovation?

Gather allows chefs and restauranteurs to focus on their art, verses having to get sidetracked by event management and running the business!

About Alex Lassiter:

Alex is the co-founder and vice president of customer experience at Gather, an event management software company. Thousands of restaurants, venues, and hospitality companies use Gather to manage and grow their events business, serving as the anchor between management, events teams and their customers.

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