The Wrong Side of Comfortable, an interview with Amy Charity

Amy Charity joins us on the show today, a retired professional cyclist and the author of The Wrong Side of Comfortable: Chase your dream, Discover your potential, Transform your life. Learn more about Amy Charity here.

Discussion guide and notes from my conversation with Amy Charity:

Amy Charity1. A classic conversation about a person who successfully left a corporate career to pursue a personal passion…taking a risk to left a comfortable life to pursue the unknown.

2. “It’s never too late.” Amy started her professional biking career in her mid-thirties.

3. How do people get unstuck and find the spark that finally enables them to pursue their passion? Don’t be afraid of taking little steps that slowly move towards success here. Small steps matter.

4. What is the wrong side of comfortable? Getting out of the comfort zone, and into the learning zone. “It’s only when you are on the edge that you are learning.” You HAVE to expand what YOU think is comfortable!

5. Grit, perseverance, positive mindset: essentials to success. “You have to want it badly enough to really get after it.”

6. “Effort counts twice.”

7. Life is a sport of suffering. Why are we so afraid of suffering and obstacles? You have to keep perspective in that you will ultimately come out of hard times, and be ok.

8. Feeling uncomfortable may be a sign that you are making the right decisions. In fact, you need to seek the wrong side of comfortable.

9. The importance and attributes of teamwork.

10. Ways to change your life WITHOUT quitting your day job, or ideas on how to do something radical even at sixty-five years of age. You have to ask yourself what you will be more proud of at the end…

You can find Amy Charity’s book here:

About Amy Charity:

Amy has 14 years of experience in the financial sector, working in banking, venture capital, and at a hedge fund. At the age of 34 she left the financial industry to pursue her passion and a career in professional bike racing. Amy raced for the U.S. National Team and signed a contract with one of the top ten women’s professional racing teams in the world. Her team won a National Championship in the Team Time Trial and raced the World Championships. Her extensive corporate experience, combined with her athletic achievements, make her an expert in teamwork, motivation, and pushing boundaries to maximize performance.

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