daily reminders

worry about what you can control.
don't worry what others think.
strengthen awareness.
journal to clear mind.
meditate to calm mind.
eliminate attachments to free mind.
choose to not let people annoy you.
eliminate excess.
slow down, do not rush.
no multi-tasking.
no sweets.
real food.
no alcohol.
do not overeat.
drink water.
stretching / yoga.
seek movement.
strive to leave no footprint.
say only what needs to be said, nothing more.
ignore their beliefs. what do they do?
fiercely control your time.
choose to be happy.
let it go.

this list of daily reminders is for me. i share it here in hopes that it inspires others to at least think about these things too. i review this list often, for i am not perfect, and i need to be reminded of the things that make for a good day. some of these require real discipline to execute each day, some are now so baked in that they are a part of me (which is my obvious long-term goal for all of them).

this list is updated often, for as i live life, i learn things, experience things, and read things that help refine the list. it should be perfect by the time i’m dead.

this list has come from many sources: my personal experiences, my study of philosophy, and reading about everything from wellness routines to spiritual guidance (folks like tony de mello, for instance).

i’m proud of these daily reminders…it’s taken my entire life to create this list. but what I truly love about the process, is that i will never perfect it, for the continued evolution of what it is and how it evolves is a wonderful result of continued learning and awareness…

daily reminders