I don’t give a fuck about (most) anything

[Editor’s note: This piece is a work in progress. It isn’t finished. And might never be. So deal with it. Because I don’t give a fuck…]

As I write this, I’m fast approaching another birthday. And as one does thinking about birthdays, one decides it is time to evolve philosophies. My new one? Simple:

“I don’t give a fuck about (most) anything.”

Now, before you freak out, understand the following: I want to be a good husband, continue to manage the care and affairs of my mother, be a good dog mom, tend to my clients, continue serving people through my foundation, and live quietly on my terms.

But that’s it. I don’t give a fuck about anything else.

Before, I’d worry about most everything…from the state of world, the ridiculousness of woke politics, all the way to the stupid ass that stands DIRECTLY in front of the elevator door, making it difficult for me to exit.

Things like this would literally ruin my day. I’d get frustrated, agitated, angry, bitter, and my temper would flare.


Why do that to myself?

Then I got to thinking and took stock. And I realized that most people don’t care. They don’t care what I do, what I say, how I feel…most people simply couldn’t give a shit about me.

So why was I so high strung and worried about everything?

I have recently (and thank God finally) given up social media. For the first time since the late aughts, I am no longer active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. And I feel fucking great about it. Talk about taking pressure off. I grew tired of trying to portray something I’m not.

Guess how many people have inquired about my disappearance, or have indicated that they miss me on all those platforms?


Just one. And that’s NOT my wife, in case you were wondering.

See? Goes to show that no one gives a shit. Which makes me laugh. We spend countless hours worrying what people think about us, when at the end of the day, no one does. They could frankly give a shit.

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