Eliminate one thing each day

This is a discipline I practice daily: Eliminating (at least) ONE THING each and every day.

I don’t care what that one thing is: an email, a manilla file folder, an appointment on my calendar, a pair of socks, a book I will never read again, a closed-account folder on Dropbox…whatever.

One thing. Each day.

Most importantly for me, this establishes a sense of control. But it’s also maintenance. Think of your yard; if left unfettered, it grows out of control, and then you must spend an inordinate amount of time pulling out all the weeds.

But if you do a little each day, it’s possible to keep it under control. But this requires daily discipline.

More effort is wasted doing things that don’t matter than is wasted doing things inefficiently. Elimination is the highest form of optimization.

James Clear

This same philosophy applies to your life. Without any maintenance, things get out of control, both physical and mental. Too much junk in your home and office. Too much digital clutter distracting your focus. This causes stress. Lack of focus. A sense of overwhelm.

The act of eliminating something each day is grounding, providing a sense of stability, accomplishment, and again, control. These are important for me, especially with such chaos all around us.

Each time I eliminate something, I celebrate it as a small win. And in doing so, I feel more freedom, and sense of weight lifted off my shoulders. This is a wonderful thing, and worth doing.

The daily work towards keeping my life uncluttered and simple is essential to my sanity and focus.

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