Engagement (and income) in our later years, an interview with George Schofield

Joined on the show by George Schofield, author of “How Do I Get There From here?” Learn more about George here!

Discussion guide from today’s conversation with George Schofield:

1. What’s so different about retirement today and in the future?

2. Why should we keep our marketable skills up to date throughout our lives?

3. How can we handle and manage the explosion of change all around us?

4. Discussion on creating revenue streams as a means of staying engaged in later years, and supplement income.

5. “New aging.”

6. “Active intent.”

7. Asking yourself the question, “Who would you like to be?”

Find George Schofield’s book here:

About George Schofield:

As an entrepreneur, consultant, author and public speaker George works with businesses and individuals to develop new and smarter approaches to life planning and retirement in the New Normal. We’re all under pressure from new forces including reconfiguration of the workplace, the role of formal education, exponential changes in technology, our own increasing longevity, and the dramatically reduced shelf life of expertise and skills. He guides clients in creating a handcrafted life in the modern world – designing their futures, identifying skills they’ll need, and preparing for inevitable twists and turns along the way.

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