How to truly humanize business, and why; An interview with Guy Bell

Joined on the show by Guy Bell, an Executive Leader, speaker, and author of the recent book, Unlearning Leadership, Know Yourself – Grow Your Business. You can learn more here!

Notes and discussion guide from my conversation with Guy Bell:

1. “Humanizing business, seeing business from a different perspective.” We are truly in business for each other…

2. Systems and process are important in business, but not at the expense of our humanity in business.

3. Guy contends we are leaving half of the opportunity on the table when we practice standard “fear works” attitude from leaders.

4. Leaders need to reflect and wonder more…rather than deal in certainties.

5. How do you begin to make this mindset shift?

6. “I don’t know. What do you think?”

7. “Listen with your whole body.” Trusting your gut…

8. Knowing yourself, self-reflection, and alignment.

9. “Whole body wisdom.”

10. “Today’s solution is inevitably tomorrow’s failure.”

11. “You have to learn to unlearn.”

12. Free thinking — how to stay in that state of wonder.

13. Guy REJECTS the idea that “it’s not personal, it’s just business.”

14. We discuss the Four Rules of Flight (these apply to every business). Hint: shift the rules to enable creativity…shifting away from the typical punitive nature of most office rules.

15. You don’t have to lead a company, division, or even a team: These lessons apply to each individual. And it all starts with YOU….

Find Guy Bell’s book here:

About Guy Bell:

Guy seeks the truth buried under our troubling history of conformity. His ceaseless curiosity and passion for learning has led him down circuitous paths where he wrote and played music with the same sense of wonder he later applied to leading businesses.

He has developed a deep understanding of the pointless discord between business and people. He is convinced business has the unique ability to change the world for good, but only if we choose to unlearn the dogma of limiting thoughts and behaviors.

Guy teaches organizations and their leaders how to expand beyond their limiting beliefs into their full potential.

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