HELP framework

The HELP framework, or what I initially called Project HELP, is the framework through which I attempt to answer a critical question: How does an urban community like Chicago combat the paralyzing crime epidemic that plagues the social, economic, and cultural fabric of the city?

In other words, since the politicians cannot seem to solve the problem, how do we solve it?

Well, obviously, one person can’t, but one person can make a difference to a few. And then hopefully those people pay it forward. Over time, and I mean in the long view, a community can be changed.

Thus, the HELP framework is the lense through which I frame my time involvement and investment decisions.

Hunger Relief: A child cannot learn if he or she is hungry. An adult cannot heal themselves and do the work to improve their lot in life if he or she is hungry.

Education: The quality of our educational system needs dramatic improvement, but first, I want to be sure there is ACCESS to education. Feeding a child and teaching them to read is a critical first step, but facilitating an environment where a child embraces education (and continued learning) is how we break the crime cycle.

Literacy: If a child cannot read well by third grade, the chances that he or she will live a meaningful life drops significantly. The ability to read, in addition to developing a LOVE of reading, will become the linchpin and competitive advantage for any human trying to make it in the world.

Programming: Programs and activities that engage people in life, learning opportunities, exposing them to new ideas, opportunities, and hope. Programs include, but not limited to, field trips, tutoring, mentoring, wellness, fellowship, citizenship, and building trust.

Our partners: Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, The Foundation to be Named Later, College Possible, Nourishing Hope, Experience Corps

HELP framework
My original notes when conceiving the new framework…