How this site works

I no longer regularly publish essays anymore. Just occasionally, when the mood strikes.

Instead, this site has become my public journal: Here, I share the things that are on my mind, on many topics, things I’m frustrated about, and things that excite me.

To accomplish this, I maintain a series of posts that I categorize as Notes, on a range of subjects from philosophy, to wellness, to self-improvement, to sales and marketing, and more. They are simply notes, not Pulitzer Prize-quality prose…reference material related to the topic: quotes, observations, recommendations, suggested books. These notes are for me, but you might find them useful too. Stick around long enough, you’ll notice that I update them often.

Since I’m happily social media free, this site also serves as a place to jot down various media that interest me (books, films, music), but also a place to warehouse photography (and some favorite architecture). In ancient times, I’d share these things on social. On this site, I archive them for myself.

You might also notice there is no means to subscribe to anything. This site isn’t about selling me or some product or service. Happily, there are no links to social media. My life online is this site, and this site alone (well, there’s my foundation). A simple repository of some things I care about and what I’m interested in.

If you’re here, welcome. I hope you find something of value. Come back anytime…