I Am Broken, and Whole; A poem from Guy Pierce Bell

Special Report – Nothing of Importance Happened Today

Two years ago, I crashed. Leading up to the crash, I could feel it coming and I resisted. Although I knew this day would come, I couldn’t get myself to let go. I had too much to lose. So, I postponed making any changes.

Within months, I lost the option to postpone. My health began to deteriorate. Every aspect of my life soon followed. In a quasi-serious attempt to be present and face myself, I broke.

In this brokenness I wrote the following poem.

I’d grown accustom to making a great living, traveling as much as I wanted to travel, and enjoying the freedoms that come with “success”. And I’d also grown to know that my time of being able to quiet my inner wisdom was coming to an end.

In these times of extreme and divisive politics I hope this poem might invite us into ourselves for an untainted moment of truth. In these times of nationalistic fervor fighting against a strengthening global world view, I believe we can find the whole in the parts and parts in the whole. In these times of getting more information and less news, being targeted for content rather than educated by insightful commentary, it matters that we find another way.

This journey has to begin within. Or so I think…

I Am Broken, and Whole

I am not a singer, yet I love to sing.

I am a believer, filled with doubt.

I am a loner. And, I love people.

I am full of life. And yet oddly broken.

I am driven, and tired.

I am hungry, yet satisfied.

I care too much, and not at all.

I love getting close, yet feel distant.

I am entrepreneurial, yet afraid of risk.

I am broken, and I’m also whole!

In my brokenness, I’ve given my errors in life too much power.

I’d become someone I didn’t recognize.

In my wholeness, I am a dreamer. I know that I know that I know my place on this earth.

Yet I’ve listened to countless dream killers and shied away from my dreams.

No more! My dreams are sacred. My journey is clear. My story is unfolding within as I re-awaken to the I am that I am.

It feels good to be home. From here, everything changes. Even when it stays the same.

GUY PIERCE BELL Over the past twenty-five years, Guy has led publicly held, equity backed, and privately owned businesses with a not-for-profit thrown in. In many cases Guy was hired to turn-around performance. Throughout his experiences, he has developed a deep understanding of the pointless discord between business and people. He is convinced business has the unique ability to change the world for good, but only if we choose to unlearn the dogma of limiting thoughts and behaviors. Success is easy. Sustainable success is hard. Part people – part systems. His success equation: when you get people right, you get business right. Guy teaches organizations and their leaders how to expand beyond their limiting beliefs into their full potential. Email. Website.

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