I’m tired of…

  1. I’m tired of woke capitalism
  2. I’m tired of people who incessantly bitch about the United States whilst enjoying time off during the annual celebration of it’s independence
  3. I’m tired of people ALWAYS being late. People have no respect for other people’s time. When did society accept this disrespect so completely?
  4. I’m tired of recreational outrage
  5. I’m tired of Hollywood being so bankrupt of ideas that all they can do are sequels, prequels, or remakes
  6. I’m tired of giving attention to people who are obviously ONLY seeking attention, and doing stupid shit to achieve it
  7. And then I’m tired of giving it to them
  8. I’m tired of athletes using the anthem as a means of protest
  9. I’m tired of most professional athletes, to be honest
  10. I’m tired of hypocrisy…as seen most everywhere
  11. I’m tired of “opinion” presented as “reporting”
  12. I’m tired of people standing directly in front of the elevator, thereby making it hard to get off
  13. I’m tired of people of doing the exact, same Instagram pose as everyone else
  14. I’m tired of people not using common sense
  15. I’m tired of “sales” on Memorial Day
  16. I’m tired of cancel culture
  17. I’m tired of “Greatest Hits” collections
  18. I’m tired of entitled people
  19. I’m tired of selfish people
  20. I’m tired of restaurants having limited vegetable options
  21. I’m tired of cluttered websites chock full of useless online advertising that interfere with the reading experience
  22. I’m tired not of woke CEOs and organizations, but of people bitching about them. Just don’t use their product or service, and quietly be on your way (works for me)
  23. I’m tired of people making the same mistakes again and again
  24. I’m tired of people taking the elevator one or two floors
  25. I’m tired of how much valuable time is wasted covering Harry and Meghan…two of the most unimportant important people ever
  26. I’m tired of the United States Postal Service and how poorly it performs its duties and responsibilities
  27. I’m tired of Fauci, I’m not tired of Fauci, I’m tired of Fauci, I’m not tired of Fauci
  28. I’m tired of both high-priced professional athletes, complaining about this and that, holding out from camp, as well as our need to endlessly report on and read about them
  29. I’m tired of listicles

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