How to deploy an Intrepid (military) mindset in business: Interview with Chris Schafer + Brent Carter

Joined on the show by Chris Schafer and Brent Carter to discuss their recent book, Intrepid Professionals: How Principles from the Military Mindset Build Extraordinary Leaders, Teams, and Businesses. Learn more about their work here.

Today’s discussion guide:

1. The Intrepid Mindset. A hybrid model from an elite Special Ops veteran and a leader/organizational behaviorist.

2. How to be more agile, innovative, and financially competitive.

3. “Tip of the spear.”

4. Servant leadership.

5. Maximizing leadership potential to create high-performance teams with a cohesive culture.

Find the book here:

About today’s guests:

Brent is a consultant, university professor, and researcher in the fields of leadership behavioral & the brain sciences, crisis management, and organizational adaptation. His expertise is in leadership behavior, neuroscience and psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, organizational stress dynamics, and complex adaptive systems. Brent has a Ph.D. in Management.

Chris is a 25+ year U.S. Army retired veteran and spent much of his military career on 3rd Special Forces Operational Detachments Alpha (ODA) teams. His career includes many deployments leading ODA combat teams advising and training people from all over the world. Chris earned a dual Master’s Degree in Business and Project management and is the Chief Executive of Military Affairs for SOLIDRed Concepts.


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