Fostering the hidden superpowers of introverts; An Interview with Katie Rasoul

Joined on the show by Katie Rasoul, Founder + Chief Awesome Officer with Team Awesome Coaching, and the author of Hidden Brilliance: A High-Achieving Introvert’s Guide to Self-Discovery, Leadership and Playing Big.

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Notes + Discussion Guide from today’s conversation with Katie Rasoul:

  1. High-achieving introvert. Oxymoron?
  2. “Don’t assume that leaders are extroverts.”
  3. Discussion around the benefits of being a high-achieving introvert, especially in the context of leaders.
  4. “Listening is a superpower.”
  5. “The whole point of leadership is to form relationships with your talent.”
  6. Can introverts be considered NOT engaged?
  7. Importance of asking open-ended questions…
  8. Self-discovery…paying attention to our inner critics.
  9. Developing and harnessing your internal “Board of Directors.” Or, how to listen to yourself…
  10. “You should embrace the exercise of asking the hard questions internally.”
  11. “Why am I living based on someone else’s definition of success?”
  12. What happens if your definitions of personal success do not align with your current work?
  13. Katie’s three keys to success: Effective, Fulfilled, and Confidence.
  14. The “Slash and Burn” strategy. Or, what needs to go!
  15. Why FEAR can be a good thing! It enables you to “play big!”
  16. How to form daily habits and practices around all of this.
  17. The process of “cleansing your palate.” Finding space for yourself…
  18. “Getting as specific as possible.”
  19. What can employees do to community their needs as an introvert?
  20. What can management do to better serve/support the introverts in their organization?

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About Katie Rasoul:

Katie has led leadership development, team culture, employee engagement, organizational development and human resources best practices for more than a decade. She has most recently served as a Vice President of Human Resources for a nearly $4 billion publicly traded company, and also has extensive experience in leading operations and human resources, predominantly in the fast-paced retail industry.

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