The Spirit of Hard Work; An interview with Litchfield Distillery

Joined on the show today by Jack Baker and Peter Baker, two (of three) co-founders of Litchfield Distillery.

The BigFish platform is a great way for us to introduce our brand to craft-spirit fans who are interested in trying different types of spirits from all over the country.

Peter Baker, co-owner, Litchfield Distillery

Discussion Guide from our discussion with Jack and Peter Baker of Litchfield:

  • We discuss the philosophy behind Litchfield Distillery, The Spirit of Hard Work.
  • BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Litchfield Distillery now selling in Illinois via BigFish Spirits (click link to purchase)!
  • The history behind, and the meaning of, the Baker Family legacy, starting with Crystal Rock Water. And why they started a craft distillery.
  • Discussion around the Batchers’ Manifesto.
  • Why Litchfield sources ingredients from local Connecticut farmers.
  • The importance of “slow distillation.”
  • “Providing the creative room to develop our product.”

We’re honored to partner with a distillery like Litchfield Distillery that is dedicated to distilling exceptional craft spirits like their Vanilla Bourbon, a prime example of the excellence we strive to provide our customers.

Micheal Weiss, COO and founder, BigFish

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