as i write this, things seem just completely out of control.

we have a ground war in europe that often feels like it’s cascading into world war III, and no one can stop it; we have an sagging economy and markets, with high inflation, now coupled with a growing list of potential bank failures; we have a corrupt and (morally) bankrupt media establishment with a news media pushing opinion and political agendas in lieu of doing journalism; and a short-term oriented political class far more interested in attaining power and influence than solving the hard problems.

madness, all around us. if allow myself, i can easily slip into hopelessness. which is why i do my best to unplug from the outside world for sanity’s sake. i focus on my philanthropy, which helps me feel positive contribution. i continue to prioritize my wellness (cardio, yoga, eating real food, meditation, weight training, and 10K+ steps/day)…which keeps me grounded. and lastly, reading my books.

those are my strategies to escape the madness…