meditation notes

meditation means different things to different people. in my view, there is no wrong way to meditate…do your practice in a way that works for you. for me, the goal is to quiet and calm the mind, and this is done by acknowledging, observing, and listening to the random thoughts that will enter your mind. what follows is a collection of random notes, thoughts, observations, and other bits on the practice of meditation…

there are many ways to meditate: guided, focusing on breath, gratitude, transcendental, etc. etc. but for me, i prefer to just sit quietly and whatever happens, happens. it’s quite interesting to see what pops into your mind. there will be some funny stuff, there will be some hard stuff, and there will be some “what in the fuck?” stuff, which will probably make you laugh.

you don’t need to sit on a mat, with your legs crossed, burning incense, listening to new age music to meditate properly. many do it when they cook, clean, exercise, or go for a walk. as long as you are observing and acknowledging your thoughts, you can meditate anywhere…

i read about one guy really into meditation, really got into paying attention to what his mind was thinking. he commented that the goofy stuff it was thinking was more entertaining than anything he could ever watch on netflix. and that's why he could meditate for hours...

from zen mind, beginner’s mind by shunryu suzuki

Power is influence over external events. Peace is influence over internal events.

James Clear

from zen mind, beginner’s mind by shunryu suzuki

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