I’ve spent years building playlists…comprehensive lists in jazz, country, rock, Christmas, and my personal favorite, musical film scores.

Yesterday, I deleted them all.

I think we cheapen the art of making music when we build playlists merely featuring the hits, and the wildly popular stuff.

Don’t know about you, but after a while, I grow tired of listening to the same songs again and again….much like a veteran artist, who must tire of playing the same song at every live performance. I must admit, that would drive me mad…

I also think it’s good for us to listen to the stuff that is certainly new, but perhaps even not our preference, just so as to stretch our limits a bit.

No, I’ve decided I want to consume the deeper archive of material that was also painstakingly created. I’m old enough to still appreciate the LP, the complete album.

I listened to the 50th Anniversary production of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young’s Déjà Vu recently. Yes, it was fantastic. Yes, it sounded glorious. And yes, I no longer cared about the hit songs I’ve played again and again for all these years. This time, I reveled in the lesser-known tracks. They sounded new and fresh to me.

It was a revelation. And the impetus behind deleting my playlists.

Yesterday, I randomly picked a Bob Dylan LP from 1989 (Oh Mercy), rather than playing the songs we all know. My God, the album sounded amazing, like it was produced just yesterday. It was fantastic.

This morning I’m playing Wayne Shorter’s seminal LP Speak No Evil….for it was simply suggested by Apple Music if I was interested in Sunday morning jazz…..rather than just play my jazz list on shuffle, where I’d hear my familiar rotation of jazz classics.

It sounds amazing. I’m actually paying attention to the music again. And it’s glorious…

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