“I wanted straight news and reporting. Instead, I got hysteria.”

I’m significantly removing news consumption from my daily routines. I’ve eliminated all but one news app, and even on this app, I’m not consuming opinion. In case you didn’t realize, opinion is opinion, not news. 

And I’m violently boycotting television and cable news. Talk about slanted opinion, whose only goal is to shout louder than the next guy, and to generate enough theatricals to sell more advertisements and get more clicks. It’s just more noise. 

“News” adds to my stress. Thus, I no longer want it in my life. I want to be informed, yes, but not at the cost of my sanity, my time, or my focus.

I was reading a book by Erling Kagge, and he talked about the time he returned from eight months at sea. When he want back to reading news upon his return, he noticed that news stories were the same as before he departed. Politicians were arguing about the same things as before, and in fact, using the very same arguments. Nothing had changed. News isn’t really necessary. It’s just more noise. 

As I write this, we’re a few days following the events where Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capital building, disrupting congressional business, rioting, and damaging the structure. With this emotionally charged event, I simply wanted straight news and reporting. Instead, I got hysterical vitriol, aiming to make political hay when the opportunity presented itself. I just wanted news, instead it was hysteria. It was just more noise. 

Most “news” is noise, disrupting your day, and likely getting your blood up. Why bother? As they always say, if an event is important enough, you’ll hear about it somehow, someway. 

This year, I’m yearning for more silence, quiet, and solitude, in order that I can seek calm, and turn to deeper, more focused pursuits in my work and with my time.

So, so long “news” – I’m seeking silence now. And clawing back some quiet time for myself. 

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