Random rules for life

“The trick in life is learning how to deal with it.”

  1. Do not wear sweatpants or flip flops on an airplane. 
  2. Do not stop suddenly on a sidewalk.  
  3. Don’t stand directly in front of an elevator door. Provide space for people to get out. 
  4. Pause between bites of food. Savor it for chrissakes. 
  5. Read every day. 
  6. Expend more calories than you consume. 
  7. Spend only what you have. 
  8. Keep only what you need and cherish. 
  9. Leave a small footprint. 
  10. Use checklists. 
  11. Be present. 
  12. Get help when you need it. 
  13. Prepare and do your research. 
  14. Do not multitask. 
  15. Or, “To do two things at once is to do neither.” (Publilius Syrus)
  16. Be grateful. Write it down when you can. 
  17. Communicate. Clearly. And often. 
  18. Sit up straight. 
  19. Recognize that the journey is often more important than the destination. Enjoy it. 
  20. Come up with ideas. Try them. 
  21. Be mindful of the people around you. 
  22. You are responsible for your own happiness. 
  23. But serve others too. 
  24. Don’t waste. 
  25. Drink your water. 
  26. Light lots of candles. 
  27. Respect others. 
  28. Don’t waste too much time on social media. 
  29. Keep learning. 
  30. Say “I don’t know” when true. 
  31. Be aware of your surroundings. 
  32. Learn from history. It’s all happened before. Everything. 
  33. Follow the rules. Except when they need to be broken. 
  34. Speak your mind. Respectfully. Seek to understand the other side. 
  35. Remember how loud you are eating chips direct from the bag. 
  36. Apologize when necessary. Often when not. 
  37. Spend some of your life looking up from your phone. 
  38. You don’t need that much stuff. But what you do have should be good quality. 
  39. Don’t live with regrets. 
  40. Wash your hands. 
  41. Listen to whatever music you want to. Even if it’s Air Supply. 
  42. Vote. Or stop bitching. 
  43. Identify your creative outlet. And practice it. 
  44. Make lists. 
  45. Stretch. 
  46. Breathe. 
  47. Meditate. 
  48. Practice personal responsibility. 
  49. Practice self-reflection. 
  50. Blow your nose. Don’t snort/sniff. 
  51. Slow down. Take your time. 
  52. Eat your fruits and vegetables. 
  53. Celebrate your victories. But quickly move on to preparing/training for the next one. 
  54. Find joy. You are allowed to be joyful. 
  55. Think long term. Play the long game. 
  56. Practice a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset. 
  57. Use only one parking space. 
  58. Mind your own business. 
  59. Be nice to staff. You’re not more important than they are. 
  60. Tip generously when deserved. 
  61. Pay more for good, quality food. 
  62. Get a mentor. Or a dozen.
  63. Be a mentor. 
  64. Let ladies out of the elevator first.
  65. Put the toilet seat down. Every. Time.
  66. Change out your hand towels at least a couple times per week.
  67. Learn/practice discipline.
  68. Keep strict control of your calendar.
  69. Learn to say no.
  70. Always be simplifying.
  71. Don’t hope for a better life. Simply BE a better life (inspired by Kant).
  72. Improve the world by improving yourself (also inspired by Kant).
  73. If you are going to drink wine, drink the good stuff.
  74. Every now and then, listen to some classical music, just for some cultural balance in your life.
  75. YOU choose your response to any input (a random Tweet, news article, something your spouse says, etc.). This is your Stoic power, so, choose wisely.
  76. There is NO excuse for a complicated “unsubscribe” process.
  77. Only buy really good quality notebooks and ink pens.
  78. Actively seek out people smarter than you. And learn from them.
  79. Never wear a button-down collar with a suit.
  80. Appreciate art. It is everywhere.
  81. Journal about the things you are grateful for.
  82. And journal about the things troubling you. It will clear your mind of them to do your important work.
  83. Feel the grass under your feet, stop and admire the world around you: trees, clouds, sun, and the stars (h/t Angela).
  84. Breathe again.

Check back often. I will continue to add new “rules” as life presents them to me…

“Everyone should tape these to their refrigerator.”