2019 New Year: RESults and sOLUTIONS; An essay by Erica Peitler

It’s that time again……YES……the chance to make RESOLUTIONS for a better YOU, Business, Tomorrow…..whatever!

As a leadership performance coach I am extremely interested in BETTER everything! Life is about changes, growth and continuous incremental as well as occasional transformational shifts that lead us to new pathways on our professional or personal journey!

Practically speaking though, talk is cheap right? A resolution to ourselves or even a public declaration can be quickly disappointing. WHY? Because it usually focuses only on the OUTPUT, which is WHAT we “hope” to achieve or attain. And as most of us either already know or will quickly come to learn—Hope is definitely not a strategy for success. Establishing your WHAT is only a good start …the HOW is an even more important and a valuable factor in your success.

So this year—-BREAK-FREE from old school RESOLUTIONS and set RESULT targets along with your SOLUTIONS to get there—-the powerful combination of both the WHAT and the HOW. This will increase your chances of success exponentially! Awesome right?

Hold on, you know what can increase your likelihood of success even more than having your RESULTS (what) and SOLUTIONS (how) pathway clear? Being MINDFUL about WHY this result and solution are important! Seriously, if your RESULT (the what) is really meaningful……you will find SOLUTIONS (the how) for getting there. In fact, fans and students of Viktor Frankl and Man’s Search for Meaning have believed in this for years.

Today, this concept of intentionally aligning your WHAT, HOW and WHY is what makes you a “Consciously Competent Leader.” In addition to ensuring your goals are achieved, you become proficient at understanding the “process” for goal achievement which means you can more readily “share” it with others! And for those of you who are current or aspiring leaders at work, in your family or in your communities—this is one of the most powerful skills you can possess!

So this year……create a BREAKTHROUGH for you and others by BREAKING-APART Resolutions into RESULTS and SOLUTIONS. And really think about WHY it is important or necessary so you can turbo charge your pursuit of achieving your target goals this year!


Erica is an accomplished leadership performance coach and high-impact facilitator who creates the conditions for change and growth with her clients so that they can take the evolutionary or transformational steps toward achieving their full potential as individual leaders, high-performing teams, and organizations operating at a level of excellence.

Erica was recognized by New Jersey Biz magazine as one of the 50 Best Women in Business in 2013 and in 2014 was elected to sit on the boards of two large, privately held companies. In 2011-2013, she served as the chair of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy board and is a member of the Executive Women of New Jersey (EWNJ) and the Healthcare Women’s Business Association (HBA). In addition, she has chaired a Vistage private advisory board and facilitated monthly provocative debate and dialogue with 15 to 18 CEOs. EMAIL or call 973.998.8082.

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