Dealing with meetings you can’t stand; An interview with Dr. Rick Brinkman

Joined on the show today by Dr. Rick Brinkman, with Rick Brinkman Productions, and author of many books including Dealing With Meetings You Can’t Stand: Meet Less and Do More. Learn more here!

Notes and Discussion Guide from my conversation with Dr. Rick Brinkman:

Rick Brinkman
Dr. Rick Brinkman

1. After generations of complaining about meetings, why do we still not get how to make them productive?

2. “There are too many meetings; most of them shouldn’t exist.”

3. Four things to think about with regards to meetings: people, preparation, process, and time.

4. Rarely have people been trained to run a productive meeting…

5. “First thing to do is question the meetings existence…”

6. “From a typical meeting, we only remember 9% of it, and half of that is inaccurate.”

7. “Purpose and focus are the two keys to any successful meeting.”

8. “Important to generate a one sentence “bullet point” when someone suggests an idea, so that it is remembered (and accurate).

9. Dealing with introverts and extroverts in meetings.

10. How do you deal with the snipers, the people who ALWAYS disrupt a meeting?

11. There are positives and opportunities with meetings…

12. How to run a successful brainstorming session!

Find Dr. Rick Brinkman’s book here:

About Dr. Rick Brinkman:

Dr. Rick Brinkman is a leadership and communications expert who teaches Conscious Communication® for leadership, teamwork, customer service and effective meetings. Since 1987 he’s performed more than 4,000 programs in 17 countries, sharing his insights on human behavior and strategies for practical communication. He is known for Educating through Entertainment, using humor and storytelling to make the learning memorable. A popular keynote speaker, his clients range from the Astronaut Corps at NASA and the FBI to Merck, Adobe, the Federal Reserve, and IBM. His recent book is Dealing With Meetings You Can’t Stand: Meet Less and Do More (McGraw Hill, 2017).

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