Knowledge + Faith + Action = Courage; An interview with Ryan Berman

Joined in studio by Ryan Berman, Founder of Courageous (a creative change consultancy) and the author of Return On Courage: A Business Playbook for Courageous Change.

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  1.  “You cannot have a conversation about courage without having a conversation about change.”
  2.  Ryan defines courage: knowledge + faith + action = courage. And courage requires all three!
  3.  “We shouldn’t be fearless. In fact, we should fear more.”
  4. “We suppress fear rather than address fear.”
  5.  Fear can be an indicator that something important CAN happen.
  6.  What types of risks should businesses and organizations consider taking?
  7.  There is a price to pay to become a courage brand. And most coward brands choose to take no action, even if they feel something.
  8.  What does Ryan mean by “return ON courage?” With a strong ROC, you can certainly impact your ROI.
  9.  Courage is not recklessness, and if done right, can become a competitive advantage.
  10.  “People want to be courageous, they just don’t know how.”
  11.  Can one develop a “central courage system?”
  12.  Is courage a skill that one can develop and learn?
  13.  “Courage breeds courage…”
  14. Who is this for? Is this ONLY for the C-Suite? Or for anyone who wants to be a difference-maker?
  15. We discuss the PRICE methodology (Prioritizing through values; Rally believers; Identify fear; Commit to a purpose; Execute your action…
  16. There is both lack of empowerment AND process to create space for courage.
  17.  You can “plan” for courage…
  18.  “There’s a massive difference between risky and risk.”


RYAN BERMAN, author of RETURN ON COURAGE, is the Founder of Courageous, a creative consultancy that develops Courage Brands® and trains organizations through Courage Boot Camp. Berman also founded Sock Problems, a charitable sock company that supports causes around the world by “socking” problems and spreading awareness. Previously he was the cofounder of i.d.e.a., an integrated marketing agency based in San Diego. He has helped brands such as Caesars Entertainment, Major League Baseball, Puma, Qualcomm, Subway and The US Ski & Snowboard Association. To learn more, visit


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