Sales and marketing notes + observations

  • Toyota just announced that they will NOT run ads during the Tokyo Olympics, due to concerns about Covid-19 and its rapid spread through Japan. Must say, mad respect to them for this decision. I wish more people and organizations would stand on principle…
  • Charge what you are worth. And what it will cost to do the job. Too many go cheap, and then wonder why their small business fails to earn a profit. You are allowed, in fact, to earn a profit…
  • Most sales and marketing practitioners are lazy.
  • Never fails that with every business website I visit, I notice the social media icons linking to their social media pages. I just wonder though, do these businesses really need to be on social media? Are they really selling anything there? Or are they present just because some marketing hack sold them on it?
  • Social media seems to be only brands, celebrities, and uninfluential influencers pushing, pushing, pushing, not engaging. There no longer seems to be actual humans there anymore…
  • If you interrupt me by sending an unsolicited email, you probably shouldn’t ALSO send me a text…with the same message.
  • Mobile advertising that interferes with the reading experience makes me click away. Every time. When will people learn? Honestly, why are people so oblivious to a lousy reading experience?
  • If I click on your story, but force me to watch an autoplay video, I’m clicking away. Every time.
  • I realize it’s about getting my attention. But if you poke me in the eye to do it, you will lose. Mercilessly.
  • In my view, the most effective sales and marketing strategy on the planet is getting other people to talk about your product or service.
  • There must be people who respond to this form of attention getting, but if you poke ME in the eye and invade my inbox, you will be mercilessly marked as spam and reported.
  • Do your research on me. You can’t imagine the amount of people who reach out to me with a service or product offering that isn’t appropriate to me or my needs.
  • The best book on business, including some innovative thinking towards sales and marketing, is Rework, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.
  • Read all books from Dave Trott, especially my favorite, Predatory Thinking.

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