stop needless tracking

i used to keep all kinds of stats, data, and numbers to measure things. every morning, for example, i would capture and record my weight. i really don’t know why i did this, other than to show off results on social media…as in, posting a graph generated from my data demonstrating weight loss. (i’ll say it again, so much of what we do is to capture content to promote on the interwebs)

these days, i no longer waste time with this daily ritual. i still check my weight each morning, but simply to see where i am in relation to my goal. for example, my current goal weight is 178. on monday this week, i weighed 184. before, i’d log this into a data collection system…never to really look at it again. i learned later that what i weighed on march 16, 2017 is irrelevant.

nowadays, i’ll say to myself, “welp, not at the goal, let’s continue to take steps today to make progress.” nothing more, nothing less. the true power of this strategy is to help me live today, make smarter decisions today, not worry about what happened yesterday (or in the past). nuthin’ i can do about that now. today is what matters. and your future is made by a shitload of todays. what other things are you tracking needlessly?