Write a book, build your brand, and lead your industry, an interview with Tanya Hall

Joined on the show by Tanya Hall, the CEO of Greenleaf Book Group, and the author of Ideas, Influence, and Income. Learn more about Tanya here!

Discussion guide / notes from my conversation with Tanya Hall:

Tanya Hall1. How do you truly “make money” from a book?

2. A book as cornerstone to a broader content strategy.

3. A book as a business tool, a “word-of-mouth” tool.

4. “You want your book to pre-qualify you as a potential vendor.”

5. With regards to your book, how do you get clarity on both your message AND your audience?

6. How to produce an actual manuscript (the process of writing)? A detailed outline, defining the structure…

7. How to choose a publishing option (traditional publishing house vs. self-publishing).

8. Building a platform (your ability to reach an audience that is interested in what you have to say), and why that’s necessary. You not only have to write the book, you have to help promote it.

9. For most of us, publishing a book provides the impetus to actually build a platform, which is where we can truly leverage business development opportunities.

10. Things to think about with regards the actual book launch. You get one shot, so plan well. This might take a year of work.

11. How to use your book to leverage other streams of income (keynotes, workshops, consulting, online learning platforms).

Find Tanya Hall’s book here:

About Tanya Hall:

Tanya has been empowering authors to tell their stories since she joined Greenleaf Book Group in 2004. As the company’s Chief Executive, Tanya fosters a culture of innovation centered on creating new opportunities to better serve authors.

As the first hybrid publisher, Greenleaf Book Group has been at the forefront of innovative publishing for 20 years and continues to grow in response to author needs, morphing from a book distributor to a full-service publishing house that now includes an author branding department.

Having worked closely with retailers while building Greenleaf’s sales and distribution channels, Tanya knows first-hand how the power of a book can be amplified through a strong author brand—and, in turn, how a brand can be amplified by a book. She writes regularly on personal branding, leadership, and the publishing industry for Inc.com and hosts the podcast Published, which guides authors through all areas of publishing. She regularly speaks and writes on the publishing business so that potential authors will have a clear understanding of the industry and how to succeed within it.

Before joining the publishing industry, Tanya worked in digital media and as a television producer for Extra! and E! Entertainment Television. She lives in Austin with her two daughters and a house full of animals.

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