Don’t gamble with your career, an interview with Tim Cole

Joined on the show today by Tim Cole, the founder and CEO of The Compass Alliance. He joins us to discuss his book, The Compass Solution: A Guide to Winning Your Career.

Today’s discussion guide with Tim Cole:

1. What is meant by winning your career? (Hint: most people survive their career)

2. Why are so many employees disengaged? Per research, 70% of people are disengaged in their job.

3. Building a career of significance, not just one of financial security.

4. Most people just stumble along in their careers. Why do we gamble with this? We’ll spend 100,000 hours working in a typical lifetime…

5. You need to apply critical thinking to your career. Most do not. So, what actually is critical thinking?

6. Most employees are engaged in a transactional arrangement where they get paid to do work for an organization. There is no real meaning with the work.

7. How burnout happens: First, a loss of purpose followed by a loss of direction, followed finally by a loss of inspiration. This is when you become disengaged with your work, aka “full burnout.”

You can find Tim Cole’s book here:

About Tim Cole (from his website):

Tim is the Founder and CEO of The Compass Alliance and the Author of The Compass Solution, A Guide to Winning Your Career. Tim has invested three plus decades in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry – through dozens of restructures and five mergers.

He has held multiple leadership and senior executive positions and played a major role in the ascent of a mid-sized firm into one of the largest in the world with direct involvement in the launch of 20 plus pharmaceutical brands – six of which became global blockbusters.

His experience spans sales, marketing, training, human resources, and leadership development. Along the way he’s managed billions of dollars of portfolio and thousands of people. Tim was able to do more than survive what is arguably the most highly competitive industry in the world. He developed markers that were to guide his career even as he saw scores struggle to “climb the mountain.”

Now Tim focuses his time and energy on sharing the secrets and lessons he learned in the corporate world to help others achieve sustainable, successful and fulfilling careers. Tim Cole grew up in the Carolinas and traveled much of the country before making Charlotte his home. He and wife Nancy have two grown sons, a daughter-in-law, and one grandchild.

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