Who the hell wants to work for you? An interview with Tim Eisenhauer


Joined today by Tim Eisenhauer, president and co-founder of Axero. His company develops and markets Communifire, a social intranet and collaboration platform. He is the author of WHO THE HELL WANTS TO WORK FOR YOU?

Notes + Discussion guide from our conversation with Tim Eisenhauer:

  1. “Treating your employees like people and relating to our fellow humans is a pretty good way to engage with your talent.”
  2. A lot of the problems that exist in a business are tied to lack of employee engagement.
  3. Tim’s definition: “Getting people to work for you, as if they were working for themselves, doing something that matters to them, and brings them joy.”
  4. Disengagement happens when people no longer care, when they do not have a cause to rally around.
  5. “Business culture is what we do when no one is looking over our shoulder.”
  6. Most businesses have two cultures: the real one, and the fake one.
  7. How does the individual do the important work to fit into a team culture?
  8. This is all about creating relationships.
  9. When an individual knows they are not engaged, are there any strategies they can deploy to re-engage in their organization? Or is this strictly a management problem?
  10. The extreme importance of hiring, onboarding, and retention.
  11. Trust is essential, but you have to give it to get it.
  12. Leaders have to find their blind spots, how are you holding your people back? And don’t be afraid to ask your people what they are!
  13. How important is communication here? And it’s not just top-down communication. You want a “connected workplace.”
  14. As the boss, don’t provide all the answers…empower your people to solve for the answers, and then, your job is only to be sure they are on the right track!
  15. Listening is a very big part of communication.
  16. How can technology foster humanity?
  17. You can buy into these principles, but how do you sustain this notion within an organization?
  18. Say thank you, and show gratitude.
  19. “Employees don’t owe you engagement.”

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