with every passing day, i yearn to be more and more unplugged. my stoic philosophical studies teach that one of the most important lessons to learn is to stop worrying about things over which you have zero control.

which is why i no longer: consume news, pay attention to politics, engage on social media, publicly promote my foundation, or watch hollywood’s prequels, sequels, remakes, reboots, and cinematic universes.

oh, i am not oblivious to the world, i let in the bare minimum so that i am aware of what’s happening. it took me a long, long time to realize that all i can control is the little world around me, and that i’m much more at peace when tuning out nearly everything else.

today, i am focused on my philanthropic work, traveling and spending time with my wife (and dog), and reading my books. it’s a simple, quiet life. it’s unplugged. as a minimalist who craves simple living, i am on a constant vigil to eliminate excess physical and digital clutter from my world. that now includes unplugging from all external nonsense that no longer fits into my quiet, peaceful life…