We’re All Watching Something Different

So, I was recently on a flight from Reno/Tahoe back to Chicago O’Hare. At one point, I paused my film to take a quick break and stretch a bit. It’s a long flight after all.

Then I noticed something very interesting. I looked at all the people around me, and their seat back video monitor: They were all watching something different.

Every person.

There’s a lot of content out there: Netflix series, films, news, documentaries, this and that. And on that one airplane, we were all watching something different.

Oftentimes, one believes that EVERYBODY cares about what YOU do: watching the same films, listening to the same music, buying the same products, driving the same cars, or watching the same event, like the Oscars.

But as I observed on the plane, that isn’t happening.

Oh sure, there will be random long tail discussions around common interests on Facebook and Twitter, but really, at the end of the day, we are all watching something different.

You have to remember this when you are marketing something: an idea, a candidate, a political cause, your art, or a product.

Just accepting this fact will naturally change how you approach, think about, and develop strategy and tactics to push the narrative around your product.

Point is, it’s really, really hard to get attention. And when you do get that attention, treasure that relationship with everything you’ve got.

Don’t ever forget that. Thus endeth the lesson.

Photo from shutterstock.com (Fred Mantel).


Scott March 14, 2019 Reply

Love this post, Todd. It’s one of those totally obvious, but under-considered, facts of life.

As marketers, our job is to find people on the same channel that we’re broadcasting. You can’t be all things to all people, especially in this modern marketing landscape.

Todd Schnick March 14, 2019 Reply

Love your line, “…find people on the same channel that we’re broadcasting.” Will likely steal it. And as always, thanks for reading…

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