Using Whole-Body Wisdom in Business; An essay by Guy Pierce Bell

Our bodies are self-organizing systems capable of achieving what we might still consider miracles. This is what I refer to as whole-body wisdom. Sadly, our society—especially in business—discredits the power our bodies hold. But the body is a powerful force.

Our bodies have three main processing centers: the heart, gut, and mind. When we align our heart and gut (our most neglected processing centers) with our mind (the only one many of us use) we begin to tap into our true power.

Our modern medical system is slow to join the centuries of knowledge validating the existence of whole-body wisdom. Thankfully, there is research being done to prove what healers the world over have practiced.

The resistance to healers helping people through periods of disease is twofold. First, we trust scientists in all their shortcomings more than we trust our felt sense. Scientists and doctors appeal to our minds, our most overly-utilized processing center. In turn, we give our power away to them, rather than harnessing the power within.

The second factor is good old-fashioned greed. The trillions of dollars spent on cancer alone is reason enough to downplay and criminalize actual healing.

However, if we can harness our bodies’ wisdom, we will see our lives improve exponentially, in business and outside of it too.

Trust Your Gut, Follow Your Heart, Quiet Your Mind

In all honesty, the full depth of our whole-body knowledge is beyond our ability to process—don’t try. However, our whole-body awareness is both exponentially complex and perfectly simple.

Let go of needing to know how it works. (Or, if you’re a scientist, spend your entire life using your mind to discover how it works.) Until you reach this impossible destination of knowing completely, you will continue to learn by feeling through your heart, gut, and mind— collectively—and trust it for what it is: the foundation of your intellect.

Trust me: you have to experience true whole-body wisdom in order to believe it.

In the business world, we have a love-hate relationship with gut wisdom: we oscillate between trusting and then distrusting our gut. Some of this ebb and flow has more to do with what we read than what we feel, as many authors both support and then debunk this idea of gut instinct.

You should absolutely trust your gut! You will always use your brain—you don’t need to actively choose that processing center—so don’t wait for your intellect to compute a situation or your ego to interfere. Free yourself of thought and feel into the situation, whether it’s in your personal life or in business.

Every Business Problem is a Personal Problem

If you continue to practice whole-body wisdom, you’ll discover that every single business problem ties into a marital problem, or a parenting problem, or a self-control problem in your life. Every role you play and each mask you wear all ties back to a lack of understanding yourself and your body.

It’s scary to recognize the deep impact you can have on the people around you and, as an extension, the world. That’s why nobody feels into that possibility. Fear is at the center of every limitation!! Period!

When your mind is filled with fear, and you don’t feel with your heart and your gut, you create nothing of lasting value. You may use fear to drive performance or to make sure everyone knows who’s boss.

In that case, just know that the results you get from that place are temporary, and any satisfaction you feel is only in your ego. If that sits well with you, then you are not living your life present with your whole-body wisdom.

Most of us are not engaged at work, and it’s because we aren’t living in alignment with our whole-body wisdom. Employees the world over want more from their work experience and more out of life. When we awaken to the potential awaiting us and become the change people are asking for, we all benefit.

Practicing whole-body wisdom requires that you unlearn the endless limiting beliefs of your mind and gain the ability to tap into your gut, your heart, and your mind together to unlock your unlimited potential.


Over the past twenty-five years, Guy has led publicly held, equity backed, and privately owned businesses with a not-for-profit thrown in. In many cases Guy was hired to turn-around performance. Throughout his experiences, he has developed a deep understanding of the pointless discord between business and people. He is convinced business has the unique ability to change the world for good, but only if we choose to unlearn the dogma of limiting thoughts and behaviors. Success is easy. Sustainable success is hard. Part people – part systems. His success equation: when you get people right, you get business right. Guy teaches organizations and their leaders how to expand beyond their limiting beliefs into their full potential. Email. Website.

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