Why YOU should, in fact, be a Wise Guy; Guy Kawasaki, The Intrepid Interview

My third interview with Guy Kawasaki (author of Wise Guy); This is a raw, authentic, and very real conversation about several strategies to change your life, based on his long, successful, and sometimes unsuccessful life…

Guy Kawasaki’s Nuggets of Wisdom (and things we talked about on the show):

  • Change a losing game
  • Take an interest in others, help them. And listen to their advice.
  • Seek out and embrace people who challenge you.
  • Accept that people aren’t good OR bad. Good people do bad things, bad people can do good things.
  • Don’t worry about what motivates you.
  • Embrace the inspiration of people’s success.
  • Don’t consider yourself a victim. If you believe you’re a victim, you’ll truly become one.
  • Don’t fear the impact of quitting something.
  • Get in any way you can, and get in at any level you can.
  • Don’t assume the only motivation for employees is money and fringe benefits.
  • “I made many mistakes in these positions, and I discuss them here so you can at least make different  mistakes.”
  • Do whatever it takes to get your second follower.
  • Sweat the big stuff and ignore the chatter – especially on social media.
  • Be humble. Humility.
  • Look for good news.
  • Don’t assume that others are helping when you see people in need. Or, as you say later in the book, help people who cannot help you.
  • Keep trying new stuff (surfing).
  • Life regresses to the mean.
  • Start with simplest explanation.
  • Don’t be afraid to show weakness (being vulnerable).
  • Try to prevent problems rather than to correct them.
  • Be positive or be silent.
  • Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset.

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